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Whats been selling hot – June edition

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Image by wallyg via Flickr

Well Glyphs recently have seen alot of new faces entering the market and changing the price for most glyphs to an average 30g. At present i am just selling left over stock till 4.2 hits when hopefully some new players might come back.

So… herbs are selling at an all time low which i am taking advantage of. 1 scenario i have put below.

I am regually buying stacks of whiptail and Twilight Jasmine around 21g per stack. I picked up 52 stacks earlier this morning costing me 1092g

Obviously your luck might be different but i ended up with the below after milling all the herbs.

58 Inferno Ink

307 Blackfallow Ink

Inferno Ink is selling 40g each at present which i have been happily selling in stacks of 10 for 400g. Blackfallow Ink is selling for 5g each which i used to keep to sell making glyphs but am happy selling at 100g a stack at present.

If we do the maths and sell everything which i have done previously my initial 1.1k is now a 3.5k.

Dont forget to hold back some Inferno Ink for 4.2 as demand will increase with pvp crafted items.


Thorium Ore

I think with Cataclysm many people have forgotten about the older ores and what each ore can contain. Thorium Ore prices for me have steadily been floating around the 30g to 40g a stack. If you prospect Thorium ore according to enchantrix you have the below chances to get these gems.

30% Huge Emerald
30% Azerothian Diamond
30% Large Opal
30% Blue Sapphire
10% Star Ruby

Gem prices range from 5g to 15g and you can get on average 6 per stack of ore.  I also found as a Jewelctafter I could make a number of rings and disenchant them.

Emerald Lion Ring

Glowing Thorium Ring

These have a chance to disenchant into Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, Large Brilliant Shards (Greater Eternal Essences usually fetch between 40-60g each)

Cooking – Big fat juicy gold burger

Did you know when you level your cooking skill profession the quickest way to get from 250 to 285 is via only 1 good recipe.

The recipe is easy to obtain however try finding the materials needed to cook yourself 35 points on your AH, you will be surprised if you do find any.

Juicy Bear Burger – You will need roughly 40 Bear Flanks to get the required skill ups to get to 285. I usually sell in batches of 5 for 8-9g each (180 gold per stack)

These can be farmed in Felwood, winterspring. Nice little earner if you have a few spare minutes or happen to be in the area. (Especially for those doing the Winterspring dailies for the winterspring mount)