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Whats been selling hot – July edition

Gold Guilder

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Well July has been intresting month with Patch 4.2 hitting. Glyphs for me have made a comeback and Volatiles are more volatile than ever.

Still doing my Milling of cata herbs and selling the inks to double or triple my initial investments 🙂

My biggest sellers of July

Inferno Ink
Fortune Cards
Lesser and greater celestrial essences
Volatile Earth & Fire
Bear flanks
Vendor pets
Relic of Ulduar
Pristine Hide
Inferno Ruby
Large Brilliant Shard


Thorium Ore

I think with Cataclysm many people have forgotten about the older ores and what each ore can contain. Thorium Ore prices for me have steadily been floating around the 30g to 40g a stack. If you prospect Thorium ore according to enchantrix you have the below chances to get these gems.

30% Huge Emerald
30% Azerothian Diamond
30% Large Opal
30% Blue Sapphire
10% Star Ruby

Gem prices range from 5g to 15g and you can get on average 6 per stack of ore.  I also found as a Jewelctafter I could make a number of rings and disenchant them.

Emerald Lion Ring

Glowing Thorium Ring

These have a chance to disenchant into Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, Large Brilliant Shards (Greater Eternal Essences usually fetch between 40-60g each)

Epic Gems in 4.2

Everyone is wondering whether Epic Gems will be available in the next patch. Certainly looking at the time frames from the last expansions Epic Gems were introduced around this time. We already know that the PTR is already giving some professions more recipes so why not new gem recipes in 4.2.

I myself am starting to stockpile pyrite ore which is still orange if you mine it. Also completing my daily JC quests to stockpile those tokens which also is similar to the Wrath expansion and using tokens for recipes.

Keeping a close eye on this one 🙂