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Whats been selling hot – June edition

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Image by wallyg via Flickr

Well Glyphs recently have seen alot of new faces entering the market and changing the price for most glyphs to an average 30g. At present i am just selling left over stock till 4.2 hits when hopefully some new players might come back.

So… herbs are selling at an all time low which i am taking advantage of. 1 scenario i have put below.

I am regually buying stacks of whiptail and Twilight Jasmine around 21g per stack. I picked up 52 stacks earlier this morning costing me 1092g

Obviously your luck might be different but i ended up with the below after milling all the herbs.

58 Inferno Ink

307 Blackfallow Ink

Inferno Ink is selling 40g each at present which i have been happily selling in stacks of 10 for 400g. Blackfallow Ink is selling for 5g each which i used to keep to sell making glyphs but am happy selling at 100g a stack at present.

If we do the maths and sell everything which i have done previously my initial 1.1k is now a 3.5k.

Dont forget to hold back some Inferno Ink for 4.2 as demand will increase with pvp crafted items.